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The Voom Management Group 

At the Voom Management Group we understand that talent is more than just potential. It is a raw energy, an undeniable spark that's sets individuals apart.

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Actors and Extras 

Are you ready to be apart of the captivating world of Film, Television, Photographic and Commercial projects?

Every production relies on a talented cast and fabulous background extras to bring to life an immersive, creative experience for audiences. Whether you are seasoned actor or just starting the journey as a background extra, we are here to support your career aspirations and connect you with exciting opportunities that match your talents.

As a Voom Actor, we are dedicated to understanding your skills, strengths, and aspirations, ensuring that we present you with opportunities that align with your artistic goals that push you to new heights. 

As a Voom extra, you will have the opportunity to be an essential part of the production, seamlessly blending into each setting and contributing to the overall atmosphere and realism of the project.

Our team has a wealth of experience and knowledge to unlock opportunities and open doors. 

Casting Clients 

We are your ultimate destination for exceptional talent.


Whether you are seeking brilliant actors or skilled background extras, we are dedicated to providing the right talent for your project.

We understand the power of casting and the right individuals to bring your vision to life. 

We work closely with you to understand your projects unique requirements, ensuring the perfect match between your characters and our fabulous actors.

We don't stop there, Voom Management Group goes above and beyond by offering a vast pool of skilled background extras. From bustling city streets, fan filled stadiums, to intimate restaurant or cafe scenes.

  Our extras are meticulously selected to create an authentic,     immersive atmosphere adding depth to your storytelling. 


Our roster includes individuals from all walks of life, representing various ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, enabling us to cast for the needs of your project. 

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